Found Shawn “Daniel” on Ghost Whisperer then Remembered More!~

Just found Shawn Christian on Episode of Ghost Whisperer “Cradle will Rock” as Wyatt Jenkins.

I watched all those episodes and it never dawned on me until now that was him!

That’s when I looked up at my Dad who had on a repeat of Will and Grace and who’s on the screen: Shawn as Travis – Episode Cowboys and Iranians.  Couldn’t believe it!

So I started to think…hmmm I know I’ve see him somewhere else before….then it hit me “Charmed”

He played the boyfriend of Piper that I didn’t care for!

Then I remembered I had seen him somewhere else younger, he reminded me of one of the Village People…yep found him…it was on one of Ellen’s episodes

My mom also remembers him from Boston Legal and CSI. Then I said “Mom wasn’t he on Las Vegas with Josh Duhamel? She’s like I think he was and whamo

I watched him in Summerland which was my first “I knew him from”

Now I just LOVE him as Dr. Daniel Jonas!~


Poor Stephen….

5 full days of filming and mornings start to hurt just a little.
Photo: 5 full days of filming and mornings start to hurt just a little.
My opinion “I think actors like Stephen Amell that work their butts off training to do most or all of their own stunts are amazing and rare! Especially for a tv show not a blockbuster multi million dollar movie. They put their blood sweat and tears into the role. For me that makes me want to watch a show just because of that! Loving the show after that is just the cherry on top!


Stephen’s Post on Facebook 7/12/14

I’ll admit to something: Being able to communicate with over 2 milion people and have things I write published as “news” is a responsibility I’m probably not mature enough for. Then again, I think it’s my inclination to call bullshit, when I sense bullshit – a decidedly unpolished approach – that separates our community on Facebook from all the other derivative pages. One of my favorite quotes to back up this sentiment is from Lena Dunham (I’m dead serious). She was talking with Bill Simmons about making Girlsand said something to effect of: “The personal is universal, and if too many people get involved in the creative process, then eventually it’ll feel like nobody made it.” Brilliant. Is this a convoluted way of me expressing angst after two days that we weren’t nominated for an Emmy in the Stunt Coordination category? PROBABLY!! But it’s also the foundation for how I live my life and run this page. The personal is universal, and if I didn’t let emotion shine through – positive and negative – it would feel like some PR company ran this page. Which would be awful. Friday evening musings. SA

Death is not the End and Eric’s Back in Sookie’s Arms!

Last Night’s Episode was amazing! Loved it all! I really felt for Bill when he told Sookie he owed her everything I actually put “I know I’m not getting the ending I want” out of my head and was ok with the “Sookie and Bill” ending I assume we are getting…..and then this happened! 


While in my haze of Eric’s “Oh My the Viking Sex God is actually here” this happened

Hello Sookiefollowed by….

Oh Sookieand then this!!!!!

I miss this

All previous thoughts went out the window!!!!

These are my first gifs. I’ve never made one before. I think I will replace these with the videos for them once I am home to do so! But had to get these up somehow! I know I’ll be posting clips like crazy from this one!

I perked up last week with Alcide dying. Sookie back at Bill’s was satisfying. Having her back in the Vamp world and fighting had me positive.

This season I love that they are giving us glimpses of all those that have left us or we haven’t seen due to death like Terry, Gran, Jackson, Nan, The Magistrate, and Hoyt.  Hoping to see Jesus (now that he’s done on Arrow) I’m praying real hard that they have Godric and Nora show up somehow for Eric!

I love that the writers have not forgot to get rid of the ones that have been real pains in the ass like our Mrs. Fortenberry! RIP you mean old Momma! And Eric’s destruction of Sarah Newlin!

I did feel real sorry for Jason having to break the news to Hoyt and him saying “do I know you?” In my head I’m praying someone writes a fiction that Hoyt comes back for the funeral and although he was compelled to forget he sees Jessica and it all comes back but he remembers the good overall! I really loved Jess and Hoyt!

Knowing Ginger came up with the WHOLE Fangtasia was perfect! Loved how they did that!

My fairy tale ending would be that for whatever reason Sookie gives Eric her blood and Eric starts to heal from his disease!  I think they need to remember that they started their bond in the cubby back during his amnesia. That if they finish it they would be completely one and he would have her “fairy-ness” inside him and may completely rid him of disease!

I know wishful thinking!  I know in the books she didn’t get Eric due to Freya and chose Sam which no offense to Mr. Merlotte but that’s just not ok so I don’t care how this ends as long as she ends with a Vampire! If it’s not Eric then Bill!